Bleed & Tell: Tara's Story

Bleed & Tell: Tara's Story

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Hey you! Did you know everyone has a completely unique menstrual experience? From cycle lengths to PMS to first period products, everyone is different! Did you know that by talking about our experiences openly, we’re able to learn more about each other and ourselves? Yup! In fact, we believe that talking about our bodies helps us have better relationships with them. This is Tara's story.

From a young age we are taught to feel shame for having a period, and that stigma has stuck with a lot of people throughout their lives. Period conversations are often dismissed for being too taboo, or outright inappropriate. As a result, people who menstruate can find it hard to practice self-love. 

Bleed & Tell is a blog series where people are proudly sharing their period product stories – including how they ended up using nixit and why they love it! Keep reading to find out their #1 tip for new nixit users. 

Before nixit, what was your go-to period product? Why did you start using said product?

I used tampons for over 12 years and this was mainly because I just didn’t know anything else existed (I used pads briefly at a young age but always hated them). When I did hear about alternatives, like the cup, I was really nervous to use them - they seemed difficult to figure out. In 2019, my sister actually had some disposable discs that she purchased on a trip to the US and I figured I’d give them a whirl. I loved them, but hated that they weren’t reusable. Shortly after that I started doing some research and that’s when I discovered the nixit!

What sort of pain points did you experience with tampons?

I hated that you could only wear a tampon for 8 hours max (and even then, that was pushing it). It was incredibly inconvenient. Leaving the nixit in for 12 hours has been a game changer! I also hated having to buy tampons all the time and noticed that they were getting more expensive. I had someone tell me recently the price of them has gotten ridiculous and I’m so happy to say I’ve been able to dodge that with the nixit! 

How many cycles did it take you to nail nixit? What's your #1 tip for others who might be having a tricky time?

It only took one cycle for me to nail it! My biggest piece of advice would be to make sure you’re sliding it far enough back. When inserting, I put my leg on the toilet seat and use my middle finger and thumb. Once it’s in, I use my middle finger to push it back as far as I possibly can. This usually results in my entire finger being inside, but that always does the trick.

What do you love the most about nixit now? Why would you encourage others to try it?

The ability to leave it in for 12 hours is by far my favourite part of the nixit. Not having to get up in the night or early morning to switch my tampon has changed my life! I also love that it’s reusable and I don’t ever have to worry about carrying a stash of tampons with me or whether or not I have enough when I start my period. Another unexpected perk has been the ability to keep a closer eye on my menstrual health. When I remove the nixit I can really get a sense of what’s happening with my period that month, which, in turn, allows me to bring up any potential concerns with my naturopath. If you’re someone who is over “traditional” menstrual products and want something easier and far better in every way, the nixit is for you! 

nixit menstrual cup

nixit menstrual cup


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