Bleed & Tell: Nikkita Holder’s Story

Bleed & Tell: Nikkita Holder’s Story

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Hey you! Did you know everyone has a completely unique menstrual experience? From cycle lengths to PMS to first period products, everyone is different! Did you know that by talking about our experiences openly, we’re able to learn more about each other and ourselves? Yup! In fact, we believe that talking about our bodies helps us have better relationships with them. 

From a young age we are taught to feel shame for having a period, and that stigma has stuck with a lot of people throughout their lives. Period conversations are often dismissed for being too taboo, or outright inappropriate. As a result, people who menstruate can find it hard to practice self-love. 

Bleed & Tell is a blog series where people are proudly sharing their period product stories – including how they ended up using nixit and why they love it! Keep reading to find out their #1 tip for new nixit users. 

Before nixit, what was your go-to period product? Why did you start using said product?

I can barely remember what life was like before nixit, because why would I want to? As a late bloomer I entered the period game with so many options and opinions which was super helpful. I quickly found my footing with my own period routines. Tampons were the way to go for me. As a high performing athlete, it only made sense. For years I went through the cycle of tampons and panty liners until I discovered the “diva cup.” I was all for the change and the saving money aspect. Unfortunately, not long after that venture I quickly decided that the “diva cup” was not for me. I gracefully bowed out and went back to tampons and panty liners. Fast forward to 2018, after removing my Mirena IUD after falling in my semi-final race in the 2016 Olympics, I made the conscious decision to be more vigilant with the things that I put into my body. Tampons and birth control were no more. I wanted to free bleed and be one with my body. So, pads and panty liners it was. One day while getting lost on social media I discovered the nixit cup and I was hooked. The minute I found out it was a Canadian product I clicked purchase faster than I could get my credit card out. I purchased my nixit in 2020 and I haven’t looked back since.

Credit: Canadian Olympic Committee

What sort of pain points did you experience with that product?

As a former high performing athlete, I pride myself on knowing my body very well. When I discovered the “diva cup” I was excited.  But unfortunately, this cup was not ideal. The shape, the thickness, the god-awful suction and the handle. None of it was for me. I tried for months to adjust to it, but the pain of the suction was unbearable. The little handle was extremely uncomfortable, especially when I was training. I quickly stopped using the “diva cup” and went back to tampons which I only used during training and competitions and pads for everything else. I was disappointed because I was confident that the change I had made regarding my periods was going to be great and it just wasn’t, but as I always say “everything happens for a reason and nothing before it's time.” 

How many cycles did it take you to nail nixit? What's your #1 tip for others who might be having a tricky time?

I'm not going to lie, the nixit cup took some getting used to with insertion. I wish there was some way that we could see the inside of our bodies sometimes to make things easier but I guess that would be a superpower (but still). I am not shy with my body so I had no problem getting all close and personal with myself. I followed the instructions (which were great) but not everyone’s body is shaped exactly the same so I gave myself some grace and kept trying. I find what works best for me is getting into a deep squat with the nixit pinched in my hands, guiding her in. Once it's in, I can feel it expand – this is where I bear down a little bit and use my index finger and middle finger to push her in and up. 9 times out of 10 that does the trick.

The best tip I can give though is don’t be discouraged if it “doesn’t work” the first time. Get comfortable with trying new maneuvers to make it fit you the best – shoot, even laugh at yourself! 

What do you love the most about nixit now? Why would you encourage others to try it?

What is there to not love about the nixit? I always say “nixit and leave it” because seriously nixit is the best thing. Everything about it. For starters it's Canadian and I love me a good Canadian product. I love how damn light she is in your hand and can we talk about how SOFTTTTTT. It's almost unbelievable by the touch that she can do what it's meant to do. It's amazing that I can literally put her in and forget about her and even better, I can have sex while she is in and feel no different (for me at least hehe). nixit has made me almost look forward to my periods now that I have found a product that works well and doesn’t add any sort of agony to the process. I tell everyone I can that they need to get a nixit cup. Honestly, they will never look back.

nixit menstrual cup

nixit menstrual cup


At nixit, we make menstrual cups simple. Our disc-style menstrual cup is made from ultra soft silicone with a unique, one size fits all shape. No confusing sizes, no awkward folds.  A simple period cup design that conforms to you.… read more

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