What should I wash my menstrual cup with?

When it comes to cleaning your menstrual cup during your cycle, use a gentle unscented and non-irritating cleanswer to avoid any potential irritation or adverse reactions - we love our nixit wash which doubles as a personal wash too!

How do you clean a menstrual cup when travelling?

Our menstrual cup wipes can be used when travelling if you don't have access to water. Use our handy travel pouch to keep your wipes, cup and travel size menstrual cup wash handy.

How do you empty a menstrual cup in public?

You can use the 'self-empty' feature with nixit but gently bearing and down and allowing your nixit menstrual disc to untuck. Lean forward to empty it, and then tuck the nixit disc back up and into place. If you want to fully remove your nixit, you can use our handy travel wipes to clean it before reinserting.


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