What To Include In A First Period Kit

What To Include In A First Period Kit

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The first period.

A time of many emotions: fear, joy, relief, terror… well hopefully not terror, but everyone’s experience is so different! First periods can be daunting for some, especially if they happen at an unexpected time (as most firsts tend to be). If you’re reading this in hopes of preparing for your first period, or if you know someone who’s soon to get theirs, we have just the idea for you.

Assemble a first period kit!

Much like a period care package, a first-period kit can bring some relief—especially to someone navigating through this experience for the first time. Knowing that someone understands and cares can be of great comfort - even if that person is you, caring for yourself!

Here are some things you could include, to ease the process and make it a memorable and maybe even enjoyable experience!

1. Printable period tracker (with a marker).

Tracking periods and monitoring your flow is a great idea, especially with all the hormonal shifts first starting to take place in the body. Keeping track of your period can help with peace of mind, and also serves as a record to know your period’s frequency. Different people’s cycles last for differing amounts of time (typically between 20 and 45 days), so it’s important to get to know your body. A simple boxed calendar designated for this sole purpose can do the trick!

decor items on a table and calendar on wall

2. Painkillers

Experiencing cramps and period pain for the first time can feel strange. Is it a bad stomach? Are my thighs supposed to hurt? Knowing to expect some amount of pain, as well as having ways to deal with it can greatly help a first-time menstruator.

As a natural painkiller, we recommend Cramp Aid by De Lune : a research-backed, naturally effective alternative to generic painkillers. Cramp Aid is packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic herbs, minerals, and vitamins for no-nonsense efficacy that also supports your long-term menstrual health. It also gets to work within 45 minutes of the dose.

If you’d like to try these out or include them in your care package, go ahead and use the code NIXITDELUNE for 15% off on your entire De Lune order!

3. Heating pads

Another proven way to bring comfort to cramping menstruators, heating pads can greatly alleviate period pain. Heat helps the uterine muscles relax, easing pain and making for the perfect addition to this kit!

4. A menstrual product

Having a whole world of options to choose from can easily be intimidating for a first-time menstruator. What kind of product, what size, for what kind of flow - the options are endless.

We recommend trying nixit, not just because it’s a one-time purchase that lasts for years, but because you don’t have to worry about sizing, flow, and so on. nixit is held in place by your anatomy and isn’t affected by differently sized vaginal canals. This means you don’t have to worry about sizing with nixit - it’s a one size fits all! nixit also holds up to 12 hours of fluid. This can be of great relief to a first-time menstruator - not having to check for leaks every 4 hours! For details on where in the body it sits, along with how-to’s for insertion and removal, read this.

nixit disc box and carrying bag

5. Period underwear

Period underwear acts much like regular underwear, except that it has a special layer that prevents blood from seeping through the fabric. This can be of great use for someone who is still learning about their flow, getting used to using menstrual products, and so on. No more surprise stains on the bed or at school!

back of a girl wearing underwear and top

6. A scented candle

A little treat for coming this far! Scented candles make the perfect addition to a kit like this. Not just is it a room freshener, it also creates an atmosphere of celebration! Scented candles can have calming effects, stimulating the limbic system and producing serotonin and dopamine. However, be sure to use one without paraffin wax as it can be harmful. You’ll be better off with a candle that uses soy based wax instead.

candles on a table with floral arrangements

7. A diary or journal.

Finally, while this isn’t specifically about the period in itself, having a place to process all these emotions and bodily changes can make a world of a difference. As the physical body goes through changes, its effects can be felt on the mind and emotions as well. While it is normal, it’s important to not ignore these aspects, or glaze over them. Simple things like paying attention to how you feel, perhaps writing it down or expressing it in some way can help move through them in a healthy manner!

two journals and two pencils

Let us know what you’d include in a first period kit for yourself or a loved one!

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