The 4 Best Period Products for Ultimate Comfort and Vaginal Wellness

The 4 Best Period Products for Ultimate Comfort and Vaginal Wellness

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Ever heard of “riding the rag”?

Before tampons and pads were a thing, people bled into their clothes or had to use homemade flannel cloths which they washed and reused later.

Today, there’s no shortage of period products from period underwear,  to menstrual cups and reusable pads.

That time of the month is already difficult, so juggling period pain with a bloody mess or something pushing up against your vaginal walls is a no-no.

Comfort goes hand-in-hand with confidence, so we need the best period products to carry us throughout our cycle as we brave the bloody storm.

You get to choose what comfort means to you and we hope you consider the nixit menstrual cup—Ashley can’t stop raving about it.

“I cannot say enough good things about this product. Nixit has completely changed my life, and I do not mean that hyperbolically. As a female who has had to work to fit my life around my extremely heavy periods, Nixit has honestly given me back a huge level of sanity and happiness. Instead of being worried about being within arms reach of a bathroom for a week each month, or whether I've bled through my pants, or if I should change my tampon again 'just in case', I can put the Nixit in and go about my week having zero concerns. I haven't had a single leak. I can leave the house at the drop of a hat, without panicking that I don't have enough supplies to get me through the day. I can sleep at night not worrying about toxic shock or bleeding through my sheets. To the team that invented this, THANK YOU. I recommend this product to absolutely everyone who me.”

Ashley, Verified Buyer

Nixit Bundle

Nixit Menstrual Disc

nixit menstrual disc

Our one-of-a-kind disc-style menstrual cup stands above other period products in a lot of ways; it’s soft, silicone, and suction-free.

Let's break it down.

Nixit Menstrual Disc vs Other Menstrual Cups



CAPACITY 70ml 10 -30ml
PRODUCT LIFETIME Up to 5 years Varies from 1 - 10 years
MATERIALS 100% medical grade silicone Varies based on brand
SIZE One-Size Varies based on brand
WHERE IT SITS Vaginal Fornix Vaginal Canal
CERTIFICATIONS FDA registered, authorized for sale by Health Canada Varies based on brand

Do you know that achy feeling in your cervix when you pull out regular menstrual cups? With nixit, that’s a thing of the past because it doesn't rely on suction to stay in place. 

Let’s talk placement. Inserting nixit doesn’t have to be rocket science, not with our handy visual four-step guide here and beginners tips here.

The common thread is due to nixit’s circular shape; there are no awkward folds and no confusing sizes as it’s made one-size-fits-all to include most body types.

Breaking news… menstrual discs also sit further back in the vagina so you can freely enjoy penetrative sex while on your period, a known pain reliever for menstrual cramps.

Not many menstrual products can boast of this exciting perk.

Nixit Menstrual Disc vs Tampons

nixit holds 70ml of blood, that’s four tampons worth.

This means you don’t need to keep changing between period products during your flow because nixit is suitable for heavy or light periods.

A stem-free and string-free cup also means you can maintain an active lifestyle; be it hiking or swimming during your period.

Or if you just want to look and feel good in a bright cream dress without worrying about leaks or stains, nixit has your back…ahem, vagina.

“I'd been having issues with my menstrual cup for a while, leaking and intensifying period pains even though I've been using it for years. Thought it was time to try something new and boy did I make the right decision. This is my first cycle using it and it has been fantastic since day one (the first day of my period I went to a wedding wearing a cream dress and it was great). I genuinely can't feel the nixit inside of me to the point where I'm a bit worried about forgetting about it. I was dubious about wearing it during sex but after a tentative trial it also has revolutionised period sex for me. Completely mess-free and comfortable.”

Nina, Verified Buyer

Nixit Menstrual Cup Wipes and Wash

nixit products, menstrual cup, menstrual wipes and foaming wash

What goes with an uncomplicated menstrual cup?

Individually wrapped wipes that you can bring with you on-the-go. Make that 15 wipes that are plant-based, ph-balanced and fragrance-free.

Use our nixit wipes to simply wipe the cup clean before re-inserting.

As with our cup, be patient during the learning curve, especially if attempting in a public restroom. The trick is to carry enough wipes in case you don’t have access to a sink to rinse.

Alternatively, we recommend carrying an extra nixit menstrual disc that you can switch out in case you’re caught out and about. But, you can wear it for 12 hours at a time, so we don't thin you'll run into that issue very often. 

Overall, our wipes make you feel even more confident about using nixit on-the-go because you get a certain peace of mind from re-inserting a clean cup.

Aside from the wipes we've designed a foaming wash that's perfect for your menstrual cup and your vulva.

Its natural ingredients and foaming properties make it ideal for easy cleaning—no lathering needed.

To clean your nixit cup:

  1. Rinse it with cold water after removing from your vagina

  2. Pump foaming wash directly onto the cup

  3. Thoroughly clean the cup

  4. Rinse well with warm water

Life keeps moving fast on your period so our wipes and wash, just like our disc, are here to make your life easier.

“This is my first time purchasing this wash and my second time getting a nixit cup! I had the cup for 2 years before deciding to buy another one as the old one was getting a bit gross (it was staining). I decided to buy the wash with the cup to keep the staining in check and it honestly works great. I love that it’s fragrance free. It’s so easy to use I have better hygiene with my cup because of it.”

Thaila C., Verified Buyer

Period Underwear

Think of period underwear as an absorbent pad built into your regular undies but you don’t need to change them as often.

You also don’t have to worry about misaligning regular pads with your real underwear (the struggle is real). This often results in leaks and stains as your body is naturally shifting throughout the day or night.

Menstrual cups and period underwear are cut from the same cloth (get it?) as they’re both reusable period products and you can use them for up to 12 hours.

In fact, we recommend using a pair of period underwear together with your disc as you adapt to using nixit. Take a look at our three-month beginner’s guide here.

On the flipside, period underwear isn’t waterproof and there's still a chance you can leak through the sides. 

Luckily, the nixit disc will collect your flow neatly. Once you get the hang of it you’ll never look back.

Reusable Pads

Does the thought of a reusable pad seem a little hard to grasp? We get it.

They function similar to regular disposable pads but instead of sticking a napkin to your panties, their wings snap around your underwear. Also depending on the brand you buy, there may be little pockets for added inserts.

Reusable pads are often made from fleece but if your skin is easily irritated or you’re just starting out, use pads made of 100% certified organic cotton.

Better yet, bypass potential discomfort and go for nixit that’s only made of FDA approved, BPA-free, medical grade silicone.

In short, if it’s comfort that you want then you should really consider nixit.

Experience Ultimate Comfort With the Best Period Products Out There

all nixit products in a bundle

In a world full of menstruators, all 1.8 billion of us, why does it feel like tampons and pads have been our only option for decades?

We think it’s about time for an upgrade and thankfully, our not-so-new kid on the block has your back — again, vagina— whenever your period comes knocking.

“After having given up on single use sanitary products a few years ago, I moved to the cup and stayed on that for a year. However, I found the suction around my cervix pretty painful at times. I saw an ad for Nixit and saw that it didn't rely on suction to stay in place. Well, it's been a game changer! No more sudden shoots of pain from the cup getting stuck, this disc is super comfortable I can't even feel it. I can finally enjoy mess free sex as well, which is a bonus.”

Natalie K., Verified Buyer

Build your own Nixit bundle

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