Struggling Right Now? Here's Some Good News & Inspiration to Brighten You Day

Struggling Right Now? Here's Some Good News & Inspiration to Brighten You Day

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Inspiration to Support Your Wellbeing

A global pandemic is upon us and we thought it was important to check-in with you because so many of us are trying to process a roller coaster of emotions filled with grief, discomfort, and uncertainty.

Whatever your current situation is, we want you to know that we are thinking of you and working hard to make sure that your menstrual cup orders continue to ship as scheduled.

Many messages being shared right now are centered around doom and gloom. This isn’t surprising considering all of the unfortunate information that needs to be shared by the media during this challenging time. Honestly, it’s getting hard to stomach all of the tragic headlines.

Fortunately, others are focused on the important job of spreading good cheer and we wanted to share some of the good things we have noticed with you to brighten your day a bit.

Good News During Dark Times

First of all, where are all The Office fans at? Go ahead, raise your hands…

Your beloved John Krasinski launched a great new internet show entitled, “Some Good News.” His video is hilarious and might also make you cry a few happy tears as you remember that YES there are good things happening right now.

Inspiration to Brighten Your Day

Second, we thought it would be fun to blast you with messages that you really need to read right now. Here are a few inspirational quotes to brighten your day if you're struggling to process everything happening right now.

A message for anyone who feels a bit out of rhythm.

Good News & Inspiration

A reminder to stay connected even if it’s virtually.

Good News & Inspiration

When you feel like your emotions have taken you for a ride.

Good News & Inspiration

To the person who has way too much on their plate right now.

Good News & Inspiration

Words of empowerment for anyone concerned about the health of their loved ones or the uncertainty of the future.

Good News & Inspiration

A Big Thanks

We can never express how grateful we are for all of our frontline workers right now. We see you and want you to know we appreciate your service.

Good News & Inspiration

Mental Health Resources

If you’re struggling right now and don’t know who to turn to, consider checking out the free Virus Anxiety Toolkit created by Shine. This resource is jam-packed full of helpful information, articles, and even provides the opportunity to remotely seek advice from mental health experts. So if you are feeling isolated, anxious, trying to manage financial fears, or looking for a simple mantra to help you get through the day, then you definitely need to check out this free toolkit .

Similarly, if you are struggling to manage a mental health crisis during this time, contact the Crisis Text Line for immediate support (available in the US, UK, Canada, & Ireland). Click here to connect with someone who can help now.

Let’s Work Together to nix COVID-19

In conclusion, we want you to know that we send you our best wishes during this dark time. Although we are almost positive you have seen these already, here is a brief review of the guidelines that should be followed to help stop the spread.

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