Fascinating Period Blood & What It's Trying To Tell You

Fascinating Period Blood & What It's Trying To Tell You

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Fascinating Period Blood

Maybe you’ve noticed that period blood color is trending lately. Infographics and diagrams are all over the world wide web.

You might be wondering why anyone would care enough about period blood to write about it. The reality is that period blood can tell you a lot about your health and well-being.

But in order to truly understand what your period blood color is trying to tell you, you’ll need to check things out and make some intimate observations.

How often do you take time to examine your period blood? Do you spend time peering into your menstrual cup before dumping out the captivating blood inside?

If not, it’s time to start because period blood color is not just interesting but can also be an important health indicator.

Period Blood Color & What It Means

First, it's important to note that lots of things can impact the color of your period blood. Oxidation, hormones, infections, and even stress have the power to alter your period blood color.

The following information is a basic run down and is not considered medical advice. If you are concerned about your health because of the color of your period blood please visit with a medical professional.

Black or Grey Period Blood

If your blood looks black or grey it's most likely old blood that's been sitting inside of your uterus for a while. If you notice this dark-colored blood often then you might want to consider visiting a massage therapist or watch this video to learn how to align your uterus. When your uterus is in alignment things can flow out more easily instead of getting stuck inside.

Grey blood can also indicate bacterial vaginosis. If you notice grey blood, itching, burning, or foul-smelling discharge you should start investigating and ask a doctor to find out what's going on.

Brown or Dark Red Blood

Brown or dark red blood is very common at the beginning and end of your period.

If you notice brown or dark red blood that is more spotty than your normal flow it can be a sign of early pregnancy.

Dark red blood is also released after the birth of a baby. This blood goes by the name of lochia and generally stops in 4 weeks or less.

Bright Red Blood

Bright red blood is common and generally indicates a healthy period. When you observe bright red blood in your underwear, on your pad, or in your menstrual cup that’s a good sign that you’re shedding freshly created uterine lining.

Pink Blood

In some cases, you will see pink blood simply because your red blood is mixed with white cervical mucus. This is healthy and normal.

On the other hand, pink blood + light flow can be a cause for concern. Meaning that you could be dealing with anemia, an unhealthy diet, and/or low weight. Add more protein and iron to your diet if you're worried about pink period blood.

Orange or Yellow Blood

Seeing orange or yellow blood and having discomfort in your pelvic region? Then you might want to do some research or ask your doctor for advice. Infection and hormone imbalance are definite possibilities when you see orange or yellow period blood.

However, if you see orange or yellow period blood and don't have any other symptoms then you might be observing white discharge mixing with your red blood which is completely normal.

Have A Better Period

No matter what color your blood is you need something to catch it with every month. A menstrual cup is a great option to help you have a better period because you can have mess-free period sex, go swimming, exercise, and go about your life without missing a beat.

Tell Us About Your Fascinating Period

Now it's your turn to take this information and put it to good use! Get comfortable and peek at your period blood. What is it trying to tell you?

Did we mention that we would LOVE it if you shared your findings with our team at nixit!?!?

Write about all the bloody details on Instagram so that we can get to know you a little better!

Be sure to use the hashtag #menstruationconversations so that we see your post!

What your period blood color is trying to tell you

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