Bleed & Tell: Grace's Story

Bleed & Tell: Grace's Story

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Hey you! Did you know everyone has a completely unique menstrual experience? From cycle lengths to PMS to first period products, everyone is different! Did you know that by talking about our experiences openly, we’re able to learn more about each other and ourselves? Yup! In fact, we believe that talking about our bodies helps us have better relationships with them. This is Grace's story.

From a young age we are taught to feel shame for having a period, and that stigma has stuck with a lot of people throughout their lives. Period conversations are often dismissed for being too taboo, or outright inappropriate. As a result, people who menstruate can find it hard to practice self-love. 

Bleed & Tell is a blog series where people are proudly sharing their period product stories – including how they ended up using nixit and why they love it! Keep reading to find out their #1 tip for new nixit users.

Before nixit, what was your go-to period product? Why did you start using said product?

Before Nixit, I was freshly postpartum and using pads for a solid year after giving birth to my son. It took a long time for me to get comfortable inserting something inside myself like a tampon after shooting out a literal human. Even after I got used to using tampons again, I had to use them in combination with pads due to constant leakage. 

What sort of pain points did you experience with disposable period products Grace, and how did nixit solve the problem?

I hated the amount of waste I was creating having to double up on period products. It was so much packaging and so much waste and still somehow always made a mess? Not to mention being uncomfortable! Always wearing a pad? No thanks. I’m a leggings girl so I was also concerned you could see my pad through my leggings. This experience really took me back to middle school days and I couldn’t stand it anymore. 

How many cycles did it take you to nail nixit? What's your #1 tip for others who might be having a tricky time?

By my second cycle with nixit, I had it down. I’m so glad I kept going after my first cycle because it is such a dream product once you get used to it! 

My biggest unlock for application was getting it situated behind the “shelf” of my pubic bone, standing up and ensuring it stayed in the same spot. For removal, bearing down made the biggest difference for me. I literally just use my abdominal muscles to push downward as I reach in to grab it and it comes out so easily!

What do you love the most about nixit now Grace? Why would you encourage others to try it?

I love that I can’t feel it at all! It’s so comfy and doesn’t add to my cramps which is such a game changer. I also love that it’s zero waste and I never have to worry about running out of period products - my nixit is always ready to go!

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nixit menstrual cup


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