7 Things To Know As A New nixit User

7 Things To Know As A New nixit User

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Menstrual cups are amazing and are truly changing the world for the better! However, we totally recognize that using a menstrual cup like nixit isn’t always super intuitive at first. We often hear that learning to use nixit is a bit different than learning to use a traditional menstrual cup. That’s why we decided to put together a blog post that shines a light on what to expect when your new period bestie arrives in the mail!

You Get To Select The Box Color

nixit comes in one color and that color is pink. When you select a color at checkout you are selecting the color of the box your nixit will arrive in. Many nixit users store their cup in our trendy box when it’s not in use which is why you get to select the color that you like best!

There’s A Learning Curve

For some nixit works perfectly on the first try but for most people there is a learning curve. We truly believe you will get it if you keep practicing! The trick is to try inserting and removing nixit when in different positions. Some of our customers also find a water-based lubricant super helpful.

Something else that you’ll want to know is that inserting and removing nixit can be messy at first. This will get better over time and isn’t a big deal as long as you plan for it. Consider wearing a panty liner until you feel confident that nixit is going to stay. Another option is to practice inserting and removing nixit at home or in the shower so that you feel comfortable experimenting with positions. Once you get in a rhythm you won’t have to worry about this anymore.

You Can Wear nixit All Day!

You have probably read that you can wear nixit for 12 hours straight! Some individuals have to empty their cup more based on their flow. It’s also important to note that nixit can move around when you pee or have a bowel movement. As a result of this, you may have to pull nixit out and reinsert or simply push nixit up as high as it will go to get it back in place. We call this the tuck and check! :-)

Getting nixit Out Might Be Tricky At First

Removing nixit can also feel brand new because there is no stem to pull nixit down and out. To remove nixit all you have to do is push down with your vagina muscles. We call this bearing down and it feels similar to push out a BM.

If you feel like nixit is stuck don’t fret! You will get it out! Try to relax. Take some calming breaths and then try some different positions while bearing down and then using your finger to gently untuck it.

One other thing to note when removing nixit is that you can totally push it out on accident while pooping. To prevent this you can hold it in by placing one finger on the front rim so that you don’t have to fish it out of the toilet if it happens to fall out. In time you will be able to feel a difference between using your rectal muscles and the muscles that hold your nixit in so you shouldn’t have to worry about this for the long term.

There Are Specific Cleaning Instructions

It is safe to use nixit for up to 5 years as long as you take care of it properly! This is super exciting! Just think of all the waste that didn’t go to the landfill during that time! To continue using nixit, you will need to be sure to keep it in pristine condition. To do this you will need to wash it between uses using an unperfumed and oil-free soap. Don’t worry you can re-insert it right after washing.

You will also need to sterilize nixit between uses by boiling for 5 minutes. The trick here is to not forget about it and over-boil your nixit! If you leave nixit boiling on the stove eventually the water will dissipate and your nixit will get stuck to the bottom of the pan. We hate it when this happens so be sure to watch it closely or set a time to help you remember.

Another pro cleaning tip is that some, not all, nixit users report mild staining or a smell that develops over time. We have heard a lot of nixit fans say that the answer to this is a quick soak in hydrogen peroxide.

It’s Okay To Ask For Help!

It is somewhat common to start using nixit and then need 1:1 support to get things working like a charm. We would love to help if this is the case for you! Feel free to drop us a line at hello@letsnixit.com or message us through our website so we can help you. The nixit team is here to provide tips/tricks and support to get it working - let's work together!

You’ll Want To Tell Your Friends!

Last but not least, we have a lot of nixit users who contact us to share that once they mastered nixit they started telling all their friends about it! Some are even so excited that they buy nixit’s as gifts for there closest friends! If you happen to love nixit as much as we do then feel free to spread the love! We believe that the more sustainable period products that are in use the better! If you're not sure about nixit or the other products available - we've got you covered! Check out our full menstrual cup comparison chart .

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